Office for leasing service of Vinascreal

Vinascreal specializes in providing office leasing services, including coworking space and virtual office services in Ho Chi Minh City is being used by many customers.

With years of experience and professional staffs, Vinascreal has launched the best service in combination with other consulting services to help businesses feel comfortable when choosing a business location and working space at Vinascreal.

At Vinascreal, customers will have a professional, airy environment with scientific design and utility in the workplace. Enterprises will have the opportunity to connect, provide and use products and services in the business community operating here.

Located in Phu My Hung International Financial Center, Vinascreal will satisfy customers with convenient transportation routes, basements, standard parking lots of office buildings.

Office leasing service of Vinascreal?

Vinascreal specializes in providing office leasing services, coworking space service in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Vinascreal’s service can helps businesses with a stable and reputable business registration address, provide the best quality service, the most professional service style and the most appropriate fee.

Shared office service is an inevitable trend. With Vinascreal, this will be a smart choice for business in the modern environment at HCMC nowadays.


Nowadays, coworking service is developing stronger and necessary the competition is unavoidable. So the suppliers prefer to choose good location and design. However, these are just necessary conditions but not enough.

Then, what make the difference between service supplier. Vinascreal had found that, the utilities comes with the service. We have developed actively the main service and combined with reputable partners to serve customers these following services:

Accounting service:

Accounting, chief accountant service, bookkeeping service, financial statements service. Details.

Auditing service:

Financial statements auditing service, Capital construction auditing service, Accounting review service. Details.

Tax reports declaration and submission service

.Tax declaration service, Tax finalisation service, Tax refund service. Details.

Legal advice on the establishment of foreign enterprises

.Investment projects, Apply for investment certificate, business license. Details.

Legal service

Providing and updating legal services, legal support services in economics, meeting and legal advice. Details

Labor consulting

Work permits for foreigners, Visa, temporary residence, Insurance, labor procedures. Details.

Consulting on import-export activities

Import and export permits, import and export duties, HS code. Details.

Advertising and promotion services

Market Development Consulting, SEO Advertising, website design. Details.

Working space

Vinascreal’s office has an ideal environment by the harmony and scientific design. Meeting rooms are designed elegantly suitable for meetings in business negotiations.

The office has clean path and public area that create comfort for the customer.

Front office department with professional service will be the effective supporter for you every time like water, facilities, printing, internet, stationery.

Rental services

When using our service you can get our full support about the utilities and other requests.

The customer can get the address for business registration, using the public area, meeting rooms… All of the other services like telephone, email, fax or mail, parcels will be served by our professional staff.

We also have free and charged services here so you should understand before you take

Consulting supporting

The business is a long process of investors. Since the establishment of a business plan, enterprises and maintain the operation, on the other hand, enterprises must achieve business goals effectively and profitably while ensuring compliance with the law to avoid risks to financial, tax and legal.

To resolve these problems, Vinascreal had created a business community towards to maximize the benefit of enterprises when using each other services and supporting in the operation.

In that way, the Vinasc group of enterprises will provide customers with many important services frequently in their operations. Periodically, enterprises can participate in seminars, exchanges.

The difference and the advantage of Vinascreal are that services and solutions comparing with other units in the same field of office rental.

Vinascreal belongs to the Vinasc business group so enterprises can approach to supporting service like:

  • Investment consultancy
  • Legal advice
  • Accounting and tax consulting
  • Audit Consulting
  • Labor and salary consulting
  • Consulting on insurance, environment, fire explosio etc.

Vinascreal is a open working space. Periodically, Vinascreal will organize free seminars for businesses. Businesses also have access to partners in the community to work directly and negotiate bilaterally in business agreements.

The business community is understand as businesses, customers using the service at Vinascreal. The enterprises here will operate in many different fields, industries and countries. Therefore, prioritising services and goods of enterprises in communities will be the priority of enterprises because of understanding each other of enterprises.

Some fields such as:

  • Travel services
  • Advertising, website design, logo services
  • Stationary services
  • Transportation, logistics services
  • Customs clearance services
  • Warehouse services
  • Translation and printing services

Vinasc specializes in providing consulting services for enterprises.

Vinasc Auditing Company Limited: Providing financial statements auditing services, Transfer pricing dossiers…

Vinasc Accounting and Tax Consulting Company Limited: Providing accounting and tax consulting services.

Vinasc Consulting Company Limited: Specializing in investment consultancy, business establishment, investment license, business as well as other legal support.

Vinascreal specializes in providing office leasing, virtual office, shared office (Co-working space) and other services such as meeting room, other office support services

You are concerned about the list services fee: please see details here

If you have any question?

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Cooperative Method

Vinascreal’s coworking service prefers to choose the method that brings the most satisfaction and convenience to customers.

Step 1: Customer choose the service package and cooperation time.

Step 2: Vinascreal will quote a price, draft a contract and proceed with signing contract according to time and plan of the customers.