By the end of 2017, there are 24,397 effective FDIs projects in the whole country. Total registered capital is 312 billion USD mainly concentrated in 4 big provinces and cities named Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Hanoi and Dong Nai. 2,070 new projects have been granted Investment Registration Certificates. In addition, there is the development of some types of high-level services to support the investment process such as legal services, accounting services, auditing services…

Such kind of business investment environment is the good news for the investors. Besides, the transparency of information is more concerned than ever. The managers, investors as well as authorities are very much expecting the reliability of the information on the financial statements of the companies.

Keeping up with the continuous development trend of the economy and difficulties in ensuring the truthfulness and reasonableness on the financial statements that many companies are facing, Vinasc has been providing auditing services nationwide.

Auditing services

The independent auditing services of Vinasc include:

  • Learning about the clients and their operating environment;
  • Studying accounting policies and business processes;
  • Analyzing preliminarily the financial statements;
  • Evaluating internal control system and fraud risk;
  • Establishing the importance level and sampling method;
  • Witnessing the checking of money, inventory, and fixed assets at the time of preparing financial statements;
  • Sending a letter confirming the balance of important items;
  • Checking accounting books and evidences at the clients’ place;
  • Communicating with the clients about the limitations and shortcomings of the accounting and internal control systems to improve the efficiency of business operations of the clients;
  • Providing audit opinions and issuing audit reports.
  • Surveying the quality of annual auditing services to continuously improve the capacity of Vinasc.

Why should you choose Vinasc’s auditing services?

  • Costs are reasonably assured depending on the sizes, business lines, production and business characteristics of the clients;
  • Detecting and correcting errors in financial statements and tax reports in time;
  • Our auditing services also provide advice on effective internal control operations;
  • The companies may feel secure when providing financial statements outside, keeping credibility with investors, clients as well as authorities.

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